Congregational Life & Development

Our diocesan staff and programming are largely organized around congregational support and development. Two full-time staff members, the Canon for Congregational Life and the Diocesan Ministry Developer, are dedicated to this work. All of the staff consult regularly with congregational leaders throughout the diocese.  One day each week, either the bishop or another diocesan staff member is in residence in the western half of the diocese. In February, vestry resource days are held in two locations to provide education and support for wardens, clergy, and vestry members. The Vital Congregations Committee created the Requiem or Renaissance program for congregations that are ready to commit to revitalization. We also currently have six Total Ministry communities, whose spiritual leaders are called from within the congregation. These leaders have received local training utilizing a variety of sources, such as Whitaker offerings and the Iona curriculum of the Academy for Vocational Leadership.