Walk With Us

The Diocese of Michigan in the twenty-first century faces many of the same challenges that all denominations–indeed, all faiths–face: declining and aging membership and buildings, lack of youth involvement, and rising numbers of those who find faith meaningless or irrelevant. However, as you have seen, we also face challenges unique to our diocese.

As a diocesan community, we bring many gifts to help meet these challenges, including talented and dedicated clergy, diocesan staff, and lay leaders; stable and well-ordered diocesan finances; creative congregational and diocesan ministries; and an awareness that to remain faithful to God’s call in the twenty-first century will require careful self-examination, creative innovation, and courageous change.

We’re grateful for your interest in our diocese. Thank you for taking the time to read our profile–and to engage sincerely in reflection and discernment.

O God our help in ages past, our hope for years to come: You have journeyed with your people Israel and we pray you, journey with us now, in this time of episcopal transition and change. Walk beside us on the road that is ahead, calm our fears, awaken our hope, and open our hearts, as together we seek your guidance. Inspire us, and those appointed to search for candidates, to discern your will for the Diocese of Michigan. May we put our whole trust in you as we look to Christ, the great shepherd of our souls; who together with the Holy Spirit is alive and reigns now and forever. Amen.

Are you called to be our next bishop?

We ask you to join us in prayers for discernment and, if you feel called, to complete our application, so that we may continue to discern God’s will together.


Do you know someone who should consider entering this discernment process?

We invite you to nominate them, using our nomination form. We’ll contact them and invite them to apply.


If you have questions, or any problems completing the Nomination form or Application form, please contact Eric Williams, Chair of the Search and Nomination Committee at bishopsearch@edomi.org.

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